Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wibbly Wobbly

tank and pants and neckalce Gap, flats Steve Madden, lock necklace H&M
Starting college is very odd. A friend once told me "everything changes in college" and that is becoming truer and truer everyday. One of the biggest struggles for me is getting into a routine. At the moment its all very flexible and subsequently I'm not really sure when to post . . . sorry. During one of these odd times when I was alone in my room with nothing to do I decided to try out taking pictures indoors. I think they came out pretty well but I'm more excited for outfit post pictures from when I go out. One of the main goals for dressing for school is being comfortable and I think this outfit is a prime example.The baggy, paint-splattered pants and plain tank are so easy and the necklaces and flats pull it together just enough. I hope everyone is getting well adjusted as fall approaches :) 

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