Glass Bottles

Hello! I'm home right now for Easter and my wardrobe has left me pretty uninspired. So during one of my breaks from cleaning out my closet I made these little vases out of some old wine bottles my mom gave me. It was also a good way off getting off my computer for a bit. Instructions are after the jump. 

So first I had to take off the labels. I used the method of soaking them in hot water for 15 minutes. It worked pretty well but here's an ehow on other methods that might work better.

I took the left over pages from the book clutch I made for prom and cut them up into a few different shapes. I was inspired by this DIY

After getting off the labels I got some water and soap and cleaned out the bottles and then let them dry upside-down. 

Next I used mod podge to glue the pieces to the bottle and then covered it with mod podge to make sure it stuck. 

And ta-da you now have a couple of vases. Now I just need some flowers. Hope everyone has a good Easter if you're celebrating.

Ps: This is my 100th post!! That's kinda crazy haha.


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