Friday, September 5, 2014


These photos have been sitting in my computer for awhile. I took them at the beginning of summer before heading to one of my brothers soccer games.  I don't remember the exact reason I ended up not posting them, but I think I was just being too hard on myself. Well, despite previous misgivings I'm posting them now, because they aren't bad photos and I've been unable to take pictures as I'm currently trying to settle back into college mode (guess who forgot her tripod). I think it's important to be critical of yourself, but too much of it can be detrimental. As I get older I realize that there needs to be a balance between trying to improve and being proud of what you have achieved. As I look back I notice that I missed a lot of opportunities because I thought I wasn't able to execute what I wanted perfectly. Frankly, that sucks because no one is every going to do anything perfectly and that's no reason not to try at all. I hope I don't make those same mistakes again. 
Sorry to spring a serious topic on you but its been on my mind for awhile. Go out, do what you want, and be proud of it. 
xxx Jasmine 

 dungaree: ASOS tank: H&M shoes: Urban Outfitters 

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