Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick Update

Hello! This is going to be a very text-heavy post, but I promise it’s exciting. I hope the picture of a cute dog makes up for the slight boringness. I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but the time as come and I’m about to board a plane to my semester abroad. My school has a pretty awesome program so I get to travel to France, Italy, and Spain this semester. I’m starting off in Paris, which again is unreal since I hoped to travel there when I was very young.  I’m headed in to slightly warmer but rainier weather so not too bad. I’m very excited (despite being a nervous flier), and can’t wait for the various trips I’ll be taking around Europe. Needless to say (that phrase is very contradictive) all my upcoming post we’re be very exciting and I hope you enjoy them. Right now the plan is post twice a week (one post more travel heavy and the other more focused on one aspect i.e. fashion, beauty, tips, etc), but that could easily change once I arrive there. I’m ready to have a lot of fun and experiment with the structure of my post and I hope you enjoy them.  I’m flying out in a few hours (currently doing the blogger writing post in the airport thing) so get ready to dive in with me.

Bon Voyage
xx Jasmine

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