Monday, September 7, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Nail Polishes

I've been obsessed with nail polish from about my sophomore year of high school. It may be due to the fact that I had just quit cheerleading where I had to keep polish free nails at all time. Well, the little bit of rebellion has grown into a true love, and I figured if there's anything I could whole heartedly recommend it's my favorite nail polishes. I picked out ones that I have had for many years, but have remained staples, so these are all pretty big, all-time favorites. 
Here's what made it in to my top ten: 

[left to right]

Revlon - Raisin Rage - 551: This is such a pretty in between pink and red color. It's perfect for year round wear and Revlon's formula has never done me wrong. A great (and budget friendly) choice. 

O.P.I. - The Thrill of Brazil: My one true red (though it's described as a red-orange) in my collection. No need to go anywhere else for an opaque, sexy red. 

Revlon - Autumn Berry - 480: (Dupe) This color for some reason always reminds me of a more sophisticated fall shade. The deep berry color is beautiful and the touch of glitter makes it rather unique. 

Essie - Aruba Blue - 280: Essie puts a lovely twist on this typical dark blue color with glitter that gives a nice sheen of silver to your nails. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Gray by Gray: The formula is the highlight in this one. It's thick, opaque, and super easy to work with. Plus the murky blue is perfect for rainy days. 

Revlon - Creme Brûlée - 915: I stumbled upon this polish while I was looking for a non-yellow gold, and though it's not quite a true gold, it is a subtle, warm metallic color I haven't really seen anywhere else. 

O.P.I  - Birthday Babe: (similar) I can't even tell you how many birthdays I've worn this polish on (It's too many). Though it's a wonderful silver to wear anytime of the year. 

Formula X - Freaky like Freud: This polish is perfect for whenever I want to just have glitter all over my nails. No abundance of clear polish here, a true coating of pure glitter. Plus a cool name as well. 

Revlon - Elusive - 736: The black polish with teal chunks of glitter makes me feel like a cool chick. The badass feeling is worth the hassle of removing chunky glitter. 

Butter London - Knackered: Truly my all time favorite nail polish (rubbed off labeling to prove it!) Though the formula is super annoying and takes about three coats to get nearly opaque the unique iridescent color with a touch of silver glitter is everything. Has a bit of space feel. 

Honorable Mention 
Just have to give a little shout out to O.P.I's Nantucket Mist. I had it for years and was my favorite pink to wear. I accidentally smashed it while down in Cancun which led to the events that were tweeted below. I'm sad, but I'll just have to go on trying out more pinks. Any recommendations? 

Bits and Bobs
1. I used R2 as a prop because it was around at my dad's house and thought it'd look pretty cool. Plus Covergirl's Star Wars collection is available for purchase soon and I can't wait. 
2. A+ to Butter London's website that easily shows you different nail polishes on varying skin tones. 
3. This kind of came out to be more of Fall/Winter colors so I may do a Spring/Summer based one in the future. Look out for that. 

Spirit Finger Everyone!
xx Jasmine 

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