Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer's End

I have completed two days of my Senior year of High School and it has been everything from hating life to loving my classes and teacher (it's really a spectrum of emotions). So to help this new transition I wanted to do a wrap up of the summer by mentioning various things that I loved and made my summer wonderful. Even though mine wasn't the most exhilarating, I always enjoy just taking the time to relax and explore random things that I just can't get to when I'm rushing around doing school related business. So, here we go, let the randomness of  my summer commence.  

I wore this tank from H&M all the time. so comfy and unique.
Practical Jane by Trevor Cole was an extremely strange book- which made me like it so much. It is about a woman killing her friends to help them avoid old age and suffering. Despite being slightly bleak at times and making the reader ponder the general theme of growing old and dying, I was hooked and it was just all around captivating. 

I can't even begin to express how obsessed with BBC's Sherlock I am. My aunt and friend both mentioned it to me before I actually watched an episode and I was hooked from the beginning. Everything from the writing, to the actors, to the costume department is just incredible. I literally can not say enough good things about this show. Everyone should watch every episode. I did . . . and then re-watched them :) 

Simply Vera by Vera Wang sandals were simply lovely. Comfy, stylish, and match my favorite tank top of the summer. 

These rings from H&M (they came in set) were basically the only jewelry I wore all summer. They are very small and delicate, but were still able to dress up an outfit. The signs are for the astrology signs (from left to right) Leo, Pisces (mine),  Aries, and Sagittarius.  

Easily my favorite song of the whole summer- Crave you by Flight Facilities ft. Giselle. Not too up beat, not too slow, catchy and lyrics that kept me entertained and dancing around my room. 

 It is VERY easy to find me wearing these two colors in my previous blog posts. They were bright but not neon- just right. A good mandarin is hard to find and no room for the blues.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and good luck if your at school.

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