Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Scream for Gelato

Hello! Today was jammed packed because it was the only day we didn't have class and were able to do whatever we want, so I'll try to keep this relatively short.
My friends and I first went out to the Spanish Steps. We got extremely lucky because it wasn't too far away and it wasn't very crowded in the morning. We walked up and counted all 136 steps.

dress: Urban Outfitters blazer: H&M bag: Target sneakers: Be&D 

I love this dress (and the entire outfit as well) so much. It has a bit of a vintage feel and the floral print is unlike others I've seen around recently. I only wish I didn't have to get it in a size larger because it was a bit loose at the top. 

At the top of the steps we had gelato for breakfast. Mine was lemon flavored. 

After grabbing some souvenirs we headed to the Trevi Fountain and just sat there for awhile and appreciated it.

Next was lunch at a place called news cafe. It was really good and I finally had my first plate of true Italian spaghetti. I'm ashamed it took so long, but I was busy eating pizza.

To round off the day we hung out at the Piazza De Popolo. It was pretty and a nice place to relax after walking and shopping. Only a few more days left unfortunately. 

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