Saturday, May 17, 2014


shirt and motorcycle vest: H&M jeans: Gap shoes: BE&D 

Hello! My outfit for day two of Rome was a lot tougher than my previous one. I thought the layering was interesting, and it's always good to switch up styles, but I regretted not putting on shorts because once the sun was out it became so hot. For the trip of the day my class walked to the Capitoline Museum. One of the things I enjoyed about it was how old everything was. It kinda amazed me, especially because we don't have anything close to ancient in America. Lunch coming with a view was a plus. The sun made everything look so saturated with color. It was stunning. I liked the sculptures more than the paintings. They were intricate and grand, especially the clothes. It blows my mind how artists make something so solid looks so soft. I'll never know how to do it, but I'm up for appreciating it. More to come tomorrow. 

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