Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool Down

Summer is starting to wind down so my days have been filled with making sure everything is ready for me to move back to school and hanging out with my friends before they leave. The fun part is the latter  and that frequently means pool time. So, here's some of my essentials for a day spent swimming.

1. Victoria's Secret bathing suit: This suit has lasted me a couple of years now and hasn't worn down at all. Plus, it's the two things every bathing suit should be in my mind - Bright and comfy.
2. Blistex Fruit Smoothie and Nivea Kiss of Recovery chapstick: It's important to keep your lips safe from the sun and chapstick with some SPF is the way to go. Fruity for a nice flavor or medicated if you're extra cautious. 
3. Maybelline Big Eyes mascara: I keep my makeup to a minimum because I don't want to be worrying about it when I could be having fun. To me that means piling on the waterproof mascara.
4. Jamie McGuire's Red Hill: A book is never amiss poolside or at the beach. I'm currently reading this one. It's an easy read but super captivating - perfect for Summer. 
5. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask: Between the sun, chlorine, and salt water hair can get super damaged, so it's important to treat your hair. I'm currently using this hair mask and it is super hydrating and makes my curls quite soft. 
6. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen: Last but most important - sunscreen goes with me everywhere during the summer. I particularly like this one because the spray is really easy to use and it dries really quickly. That means no gross sticky feeling. 

This time I opted to wear this pair of ASOS dungarees as a cover up. They're cute and easy which makes them a good cover up. They also transition well as the day goes on if you switch out a bathing suit for shirt. 
Hope you have a good swim!

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