Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Force Is Strong With These Shoes

I am so excited to finally be making a post about these shoes. When I first heard about the collaboration between Vans and Star Wars on Tumblr I immediately knew I wanted a pair. I have never owned a pair of Vans in my life (it just wasn't my scene in high school) but they seem like a pretty good idea, especially now that I walk most places. Out of all the designs they had a opted to get the Aloha Yoda one. I was drawn to these because of its really feminine floral print and the image of Yoda peeking out is subtle and cute. Sometimes with geekery I like to go more subtle because it makes it a little easier to incorporate into my wardrobe, but they did bring out some bolder shoes as well that you can check out here. They also released some really backpacks and hats as well.

Can we talk about this box for a minute: I have never gotten any box so beautiful and well thought out. I think this is one I'll have to keep around because it is just too cool.

nail polish: Essie in Turquoise and Caicos   

That awesome tag above comes on the shoe when you purchase it. Below I styled the shoes will a plain outfit. I wanted all the attention to be on them, but they basically go with all of my summer clothes. 

shirt and shorts: Forever 21 socks: Target 

Hope you're having a great week! 

PS: Yes, against my better judgement I straightened my hair and I've learned my hair has gotten quite long and humidity does not lighten for anyone.

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