Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Those Christmas Lights

The entire week of finals I was super excited to come home to this ugly Christmas sweater. I do realize I should probably be more concerned with coming home to friends and family (I was), but this sweater is pretty sweet. Dinosaurs have always been a low key love of mine, I mean Jurassic Park is a movie I watched over and over as a kid (and still do now). I'm never for a reboot, and that's no different for Jurassic World, but I can't really resist velociraptors and Chris Pratt, so I'm sure I'll eventually see it. It seems to have that creepy/scary mood I enjoyed from the original and though it could get a little overdramatic I'm cautiously excited for the movie.

Moving on from dinosaurs, I hope everyone celebrating Christmas has a wonderful day tomorrow and anyone who is celebrating something else or just chilling I hope your day is wonderful as well. I love how a few days before Christmas day I still get very excited and feel like a kid. That joy is
always a special one.

xx Jasmine 
P.S. Sorry for so many "ohh lets look to the side and show off my jaw picture." It's a bit ridiculous haha. 

Dressed In: Etsy sweater, Gap shirt and jeans 

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