Monday, August 8, 2016

Reading in the Rain

The end of July has been rather dreary, but I didn't mind so much. Most of my month was focused on rereading the entire Harry Potter series in preparation for the release of Cursed Child. Despite staying up many late nights (and sometimes until morning) to get some more reading in I've really enjoyed it. Not only did it clear up some details I had forgotten I also have a new appreciation for the series as an adult and lover of writing.

I did manage to tear myself away from reading long enough to grab some coffee with my friend and wear this dress again. I'm pretty sure it is technically a swim cover up, but I've just been wearing it as a dress all month. It's cotton, which is great for this super humid weather and a nice mix of two summer styles. I was drawn to the dress because of the classic stripes and button up style, but the rope belt is a nice touch to make it more beachy.

This is also the first post with my new glasses. I love the new round shape I have. It's super dorky and I'm loving having that bright blue to liven things up.

Enjoy the summer rain,
x Jasmine 

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  1. your bed looks really nice glasses