Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Peek Into My Phone

I really enjoyed a post over at Hey Natalie Jean where she went through some of the things she had screenshot on her phone. It's a little nosey, but I loved getting a little peek into someone else's personality from what they deem worthy enough to screenshot. 
Feel free to take a peek into mine: 

Becca Tobin, Jenn Im, and Stephanie Villa
I love getting inspiration from these three. They all give me a nice reminder to have fun and take risks with my clothing choices. 

Jane Aldridge and Liu Wen 
Some more outfit inspiration and some lovely silliness. 

Dr. Woo
I'm a little obsessed with Dr. Woo's tattoos. Makes me itch for more ink. 

This is the original photo that made me want to get my lightening bolt tattoo. 

Absolutely adore Stromae. Can't wait to see him in October *squeals.* 

More Dr. Woo
Ok like REALLY obsessed with his tattoos. 

Colton Haynes and Hot Dudes Reading
Colton Haynes' Instagram is super entertaining and I not so secretly wish he was my BFF. Hot dudes reading also makes me laugh and blush every time they post. 

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