Sunday, July 12, 2015

Train Rides (A Video)


I never really expected to post a video I put together that wasn’t a school assignment up on my blog. The idea to add all the the train (and bus) videos I took of my travels around Europe and put them into one big special video just came to me while I was brainstorming one day. Making video content is not my favorite thing to do (I am firmly in the writing is the best thing ever corner), but it does really get my creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s nice to have a put together video I can watch to reminisce instead of scrolling through my Instagram page and finding ever short video and watching each of them separately. I guess it’s because I love consuming videos so much that, though it’s frustrating, I enjoy working hard to create the best thing I can. Maybe as time goes on I’ll make more video content on here, and maybe I’ll grow to love creating it. We’ll see. 

xx Jasmine 

PS: As I said this was not intended to be a compilation so sorry for the vertical shots and the shakiness.

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