Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Throwback on Wednesday

I wasn't planning on posting this, but I figured I'd feature something rather old. This is my graduation dress from eighth grade (pause for shock.) That's about 6 years ago. Though I don't usually keep a lot of clothes from that period of my life, I essentially haven't grown since then (though hopefully my style has.) At the time I kept this dress around for sentimental reasons, but in the past few years I've actually been wearing it occasionally. Though it's not my preferred shape of dress, it's nice (and 100% cotton so beautiful in humidity.) 

Unfortunately, I'm rather limited in resources here in Mexico and couldn't get a hold of a picture of me at my eighth grade graduation (it may be a throwback on my Instagram eventually), but I can describe it to you: I wore this dress, with the same Guess heels from my high school graduation. My hair was in a half up do, but it was humid, of course, and I barely knew how to deal with my hair so it was a tad frizzy and curly. I had to wear a white cardigan on top to appease dress code (because how dare I show my shoulders in the summer), and that was it. I don't really remember any jewelry, but I do remember that I kept my phone in my pocket and accidentally hit the podium with. I think only my principle and I heard so that's a plus. 

Dressed in: Loft dress (old), Urban Outfitters heels

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