Sunday, April 26, 2015

Great Scott!!

I picked up this skirt before this school year started, but earlier this week was the first time I've worn it (I know, I'm super lame). All the pleats got a bit flattened in my suitcase but I think it'll regain it's shape once I return home. It's a really bright color, and really stands out in my closet, but with a little matching and some black it's a lot easier to style. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to catch more photos of my outfit so I'll make up for it with some cool facts I learned at the bull ring we visited:

  • Matadors in training train for years before actually performing in a bull fight
  • Only when you reach full matador status can you where the hat when coming into the arena 
  • Bull fighting started as military training
  • The uniforms worn can weigh many pounds, not including the cape which is also very heavy and requires two hands to use
  • Matadors are the ones that have gold trimmings on their uniforms
    (Picadores [the men on horses] may also have some gold detailing as a representation of they're importance in the original military bull fights) 
  • Traditional capes aren't red they are actually pink and yellow

Don't mess with the bull,
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: Forever 21 mens shirt, H&M skirt (similar, similar, similar), Asos boots 

This is where the judge of the fight stands

Some posters of the previous years

Lances from before bull fighting became a popular event 

Those dark spots on the arm are actually blood, this particular uniform was worn by a famous matador in Seville 

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