Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Wish List 2015

Spring Wish List

Spring Wish List by adayinthelife featuring a pink day dress

Some how this year's spring/summer wish list turned out looking like an ad for TopShop. I swear I didn't try to make it that way I'm just really diggin' the trends that are floating around this season, and I want them all in my closet. Now that that's cleared up here's all the details and links to my closet hopes and dreams for the spring. 

Pink day dress
€185 -

H M trumpet dress
€55 -

Give me ALL of the flowing dresses! These make me want to twirl in a field of flowers (for the record I've never been to a field of flowers and wouldn't even know where to start to find one). 

Miss Selfridge halter neck top
€30 -

These halter tops are super cute, keep you cool, and remind me of the silhouettes Bianca Jagger used to wear. 

Topshop off shoulder crop top
€28 -

I already have one off the shoulder top and now I need them all all (logic). 

Topshop blue a line skirt
€48 -

These skirts may be everywhere right now (thank you Alexa Chung) but I don't mind. Truthfully I want one in a nice red or sea blue rather than the typical denim color.  

Glamorous grunge shoes
€53 -

After all the walking I've been doing lately all I want are comfy platforms. I don't care if they're ugly they're heaven to me. 

Rebecca Minkoff party clutch
€115 -

Still love holographic print and I have the urge to really spice up my bag collection. Bring on the fun, colorful bags! 

Sparkle jewelry
€26 -

For a couple years now I've been adverse to jewelry, but I can feel a resurgence coming on. It all started with these ear jackets. I think they're super nifty and unique. More exploration into new jewelry are sure to come. 

hope you enjoy my wishes 
xx Jasmine 

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